Mình đang plan đi Mongolia thời gian từ 21/2 đến 08/03, lịch trình cụ thể như bên dưới. Bạn nào hứng thú thì ib mình nha
- Ngày 0 (21,22/02): Fly from Hanoi/HCM to Ulaanbaator, transit at Hong Kong/ Beijing/Incheon
- Ngày 1 (23/02): Arrive in Ulaanbaatar and explore the city – Local Hotel
- Ngày 2 (24/02): We will start our journey today and fly to West, Ulgii. After meeting our team on arrival we will drive to the Eagle master’s family. By staying with an eagle master’s family you will have opportunities to learn about hunting with eagles, way of their training and other related stories. You still have chance to dress up as an eagle hunter and hold the beauty on your arm. Except these, you will also see and experience Kazakh culture and traditions - Kazakh family
- Ngày 3 (25/02): A free day of cultural exploration - Kazakh family
- Ngày 4 (26/02): Drive to start migration days along with the Kazakh nomads – Basic Ger
- Ngày 5 (27/02): Migration day – Basic Ger
- Ngày 6 (28/02): Migration day and drive back to Ulgii city – Local Hotel
- Ngày 7 (01/03): Fly back to Ulaanbaatar. Then we will start our journey towards northernmost region Khuvsgul province. With about 40.000 residents the city has a bustling local market and museum to give you a true experience of culture and livelihood of the area.

We will spend a night by Amarbayasgalant monastery. In the morning, visits Amarbayasgalant monastery and attend the Buddhist ceremony-was originally built in 1737 by the Manchurian king Kansu, who dedicated it to the great Mongolian Buddhist and sculptor, Zanabazar. In the 1930s and were destroyed 10 of the 37 temples and statues. The monastery was restored between 1975 and 1990 with the help of UNESCO. You're welcome to watch the 30 resident monks conduct their daily ceremonies, compared to over 2000 in 1936 - Nomadic family
- Ngày 8 (02/03): Continue drive through Murun city to The Great Lake “Khuvsgul”. The lake is the Second fresh water lake in Asia and second large lake in Mongolia with its 1366km long and 36km wide. The nature beauty is one of the well-known destinations for tourists. It’s known with its fresh water lake Khuvsgul and Reindeer (Tsaatan) people - Ger Guesthouse / Tourist Camp
- Ngày 9(03/03): Every year in March locals celebrate the Ice Festival in Khuvsgul lake. The lake completely freezes over and ice forms to a depth of five feet creating an extraordinary winter playground. The festival involves a great variety of activities and competitions, including Ice Sumo, Ger building with ice, ice- skating and sleigh rides, all on or by the shores of the beautiful lake. This two-day event is also a shamanist ceremony of offering and provides a fascinating insight into the Tsaatan people's way of life.

After breakfast, attend Ice festival opening ceremony, Ice carving competition, Ice Sumo wrestling, Ankle bone shooting, and Shaman Ceremony and National Folklore concert. You will watch bonfire and sacrificing shamanic ceremony - Ger Guesthouse/ Tourist Camp
- Ngày 10 (04/03): After breakfast, watch a marathon of skaters and a horse sled racing on the lake. Free evening to enjoy and have traditional bbq - Ger Guesthouse/ Tourist Camp
- Ngày 11 (05/03): Free day for your leisure. Horse riding possible - Ger Guesthouse/ Tourist Camp
- Ngày 12 (06/03): Drive back to Ulaanbaatar, on the way we will see amazing scenery of wide-open steppe to Uran mountain & Togoo mountain Natural reserve. Hiking and visit the extinct volcano of Uran mountain (1631m) and Togoo Tulga mountain (1923m) Natural Reserve - Nomadic family
- Ngày 13 (07/03): Arrive in Ulaanbaatar.
- Ngày 14 (08/03): Come back home
Chi phí: Giá tour 1400$/người đối với đoàn 12 người và 1300$/người đối với đoàn 15 người. Giá tour đã bao gồm toàn bộ chi phí đi lại, ăn ở những ngày ở Mongolia, không bao gồm vé máy bay và tiền ăn ở cho 2 ngày ở Ulaanbaator
Vé may bay quốc tế và nội địa Mongolia: ~ 1000$/pax (khứ hồi)